Barometer is a female American Kestrel and belongs to FourFlames. She is an Air Kestrel rookian.

Description Edit

Barometer is a young, pleasant kestrel. She has rusty-red feathers and a creamy speckled stomach, with black and gray bands on her head. Her wings and tail have ruby stripes on them.

Personality Edit

Barometer likes to be independent. Also, she isn't very smart. She gets in trouble a lot because she doesn't listen well, and Barometer also doesn't like to fight too much, she just darts in and lands a blow before flying away. She's considered a coward by some, a free flier by others. It's a surprise she hasn't been banished as an outcast yet. When she's not being an airhead, she can be quite valiant given the chance.

History Edit

Barometer was born like any ordinary Air Kestrel. She hatched into the katabatic winds of the Eternal Everstorm. Most of the hatchlings were afraid at first, for they were cold, but she didn't care at all. She tried to fly with her ingrown little wings and ended up crashing. When she finally learned to fly, it was like she tuned out everyone. She didn't get made a Rookian until far later than the other in-trainings. Her first battle was thought to be her last. But in fighting, she seemed to come to her senses. She was finally made a Rookian, but most kestrels still doubt how useful she really is.

Powers Edit

Can fly extremely fast, shoot gusts of air from wings, change the air pressure.

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