Dark Owls are an elemental bird-of-prey rook that exists in Aurencara.

Description and PowersEdit

Dark Owls are owls, such as Great Horned, Great Grays, Snowies, and Barns, that usually have many colors. Dark Owls have the powers of darkness that allow them to use this element. They can see in the dark, fly silently, shoot toxic black clouds out of their tail, wings and beak, and use umbrakinesis. Any misuse of this power to make a Mary Sue bird will result in a ban or a demote.

Dark Owls are soft and swift but heavy fliers. Their glide is not as long as that of a hawk or eagle. Their elemental attribute is stealth.

NOTE! Just because they have the element of darkness does NOT mean that they are evil! If anyone uses this term to describe them they will be demoted!

Territory and HuntingEdit

Dark Owls live in a lunar-like expanse of hills and plains with white rock and jagged boulders. They also have large pine forests and it is always night. The sky overhead is covered with stars and a view of the moon. Their camp is a sheltered dip in the hills.

Dark owl camp

Dark Owl camp

Marker 1: Rookians' nest, cluster of pine trees

Marker 2: Nest for the Rookians-in-Training, boulder facing moon

Marker 3: Kurao's Nest, large pine tree

Marker 4: Hatchery, small dent in ground near Kurao's nest

Marker 5: Healerwing's and Smith's nest, pine adjacent to Kurao's nest

Usually these owls will hunt at night, preferring sleeping or nocturnal prey that has been located in a nest or out on the open rock.



Second in Command:




Glory (Glory'sCrowning)



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