Demonflight is a member of the Fire Hawk rook and belongs to FourFlames.


Demonflight is a whitish Short-tailed hawk with dark chestnut-brown wings and deep chocolate colored eyes.


Demonflight is cranky and loves to play with fire. He can be nice sometimes, but he is usually extremely annoying and grumpy. His favorite thing to do is fly, whether it's in circles around the camp or just for hunting. He also loves to set things on fire. He can be very disagreeable but a bird you definitely want to avoid in combat.


Demonflight hatched like any normal Fire Hawk, sitting calmly on a floating island in the middle of a lava pool. At hatching he seemed to be darker than his siblings, and he was also the oldest. He was bossy and annoyed his siblings greatly, but they let him push them around, so he learned that he could do whatever he wanted and drove the rook crazy for pretty much the rest of his life, especially after mastering flight and combat.


Shoot flames from wings, withstand extreme heat, breathe fire