Earth Kites are an elemental bird-of-prey rook that exists in Aurencara.

Description and PowersEdit

Earth Kites are kites, such as Mississippi kites, Black-winged kites, Pearl kites, and Swallow-tailed kites, that usually have many colors. Earth Kites have the powers of nature/earth that allow them to use this element. They can grow thorns out of their talons, bend earth, grow vine tentacles out of their wings, and speak to plants/other animals. Any misuse of this power to make a Mary Sue bird will result in a ban or a demote.

Earth Kites are soft but heavy fliers. Their glide is not as long as other birds' because they are so small. Their elemental attribute is defense.

Territory and HuntingEdit

Earth Kites live in a huge, lush, overgrown forest range, with plenty of prey. 1/4 of their territory is a huge steppe. Their skies are heavy with rain, but never lightning.

Earth Kites

Earth Kite camp

Marker 1: Kurao's nest, large white boulder in center of camp

Marker 2: Hatchery, woven hammock of vines

Marker 3: Healerwing's and Smith's nest, tree hollow

Marker 4: Nest for the Rookians-in-Training, patch of daisies and white pebbles

Marker 5: Rookians' Nest, shrubby bush

These kites use the forest to hide themselves and attack from above or behind, pouncing with their sharp talons. They use the confusion of the undergrowth as an advantage.



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