Electric Harriers are an elemental bird-of-prey rook that exists in Aurencara.

Description and PowersEdit

Electric Harriers are harriers, such as Northern harriers, Wood harriers, Marsh harriers, and Hen harriers, that are usually dark brown or a chestnut brown. Electric Harriers have powers that allow them to use this element. They can withstand electric/static environments, shoot balls of energy from their talons and wings, harness lightning strikes, and light up in the dark. Any misuse of this power to make a Mary Sue bird will result in a ban or demote.

Electric Harriers can fly and glide swiftly and slightly like hawks. They are good at soaring, although a bit noisy. Their elemental attribute is agility.

Territory and HuntingEdit

Electric Harriers live in a dry, arid landscape with plateaus and canyons and is covered in stormy darkness. There is almost always a thunderstorm there. The land has a lot of underground minerals and metals. The Harriers live in a huge dent in the landscape, open to the stormy, raging sky. They have lots of metals in their main camp and it is constantly getting struck by lightning.

Electric Harriers camp

Electric Harriers camp

Marker 1: Kurao's nest, a large boulder-like shard of iron sticking up from the sand.

Marker 2: Nest for the Rookians-in-training, outcropping of iron, silver and other minerals scattered across the ground.

Marker 3: Rookians' nest, tunnel in left side of the camp.

Marker 4: Hatchery, a large nest made up of flecks of iron and other electromagnetic metals.

Marker 5: Healerwing's and Smith's nest, tunnel in right side of the camp.

These harriers are amazingly swift, swooping down from within a storm, unseen, then plummeting down and raking their prey, which is usually out in the open.



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