Fishtalon is the Kurao of the Water Osprey and belongs to FourFlames.


Fishtalon, Kurao of the Water Osprey


Fishtalon is a large, white, heavyset osprey with huge dark brown wings. He has piercing yellow eyes.


Fishtalon looks menacing-- and he is. But he is a wise Kurao and knows better than to attack every intruder on their land. Sometimes he needs his second-in-command to restrain him from fighting someone, though. He also loves to hunt, aside from fighting.

He doesn't hate his rook. Personally, he's very proud of his peers. He's a loyal, dedicated leader. He can be in a grumpy mood sometimes, but he would never do anything to hurt the Osprey.


When Fishtalon was a chick, he didn't get enough food. He was scrawny and pushed around by his sisters and brothers. He pushed himself to do his best to become better than that. And he did. He became a good flier, a great hunter, and an awesome fighter.

Eventually, the osprey second-in-command died, and the Kurao chose Fishtalon as the new one. Fishtalon wasn't surprised. Ever since he had promised himself he would be the greatest Rookian of all time if he worked hard, he'd been serving his duty well.

Later, in a heated battle, the Electric Harriers had the Kurao pinned to the ground. He fought valiantly and injured his attacker badly, but to no avail. His neck was crushed against the ground, his breathing pipes severely damaged.

Fishtalon went on and became the Kurao, though with a heavy heart and regret. He cared for his rook as well as he could, and to this day he does his duty.


Breathe underwater, swim, has underwater vision, can shoot jets of water from beak, wings and talons.