Ice Falcons are an elemental bird-of-prey rook that exists in Aurencara.

Description and PowersEdit

Ice Falcons are falcons, such as Gyrfalcons and Peregrine Falcons (although rare; there can only be two Peregrines in the tribe), that have usually many colors, although often white, gray or brown. Ice Falcons have powers that allow them to use this element. They can withstand lots of cold, can see through a whiteout, shoot ice from their wings, beak and talons, and freeze other birds. Any misuse of this power to make a Mary Sue bird will result in a ban or demote.

Ice Falcons are good fliers and can fly pretty fast as well as glide well. Their elemental attribute is not speed, though. It is stamina.

Territory and HuntingEdit

Ice Falcons live on a huge tundra expanse with flat land and ice and snow everywhere. There are huge snow drifts and the territory is almost always in an eternal blizzard. The camp is in an enclosed circle of icicles, although often hard to see because of the ongoing blizzards. 

Ice falcon camp

Ice Falcon camp

Marker 1: Kurao's nest (huge twisted dead oak)

Marker 2: Hatchery (surrounded by a fence of icicles)

Marker 3: Healerwing's and Smith's nest (dead oak tree broken in half)

Marker 4: Nest for the Rookians-in-Training (small pointy oak next to Healerwing's nest)

Marker 5: Rookians' nest (stubby oak tree bases)

Ice Falcons will hunt out in the open during snowstorms, scouting for animals that have taken shelter, like snowshoe hares and wintry animals.



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