Magic Eagles are an elemental bird-of-prey rook that exists in Aurencara.

Description and PowersEdit

Magic Eagles are eagles, such as Bald eagles, Golden eagles, Philippine eagles, and Harpy eagles, with all sorts of natural colors. Magic Eagles have magic powers that allow them to use this element. They can use telekinesis, communicate with each other telepathically, and create illusions. A very rare portion of them can reanimate objects. Any misuse of these powers will result in a ban or a demote.

Magic Eagles are very large and glide gracefully. Their elemental attribute is knowledge/wisdom.

Territory and HuntingEdit

Magic Eagles live in a huge mountain range. It is so high up that it doesn't even get cold. It just gets clouds that hover around the peaks. The sky is normally a beautiful pale yellow and shrouded in mystery and tranquil. There is no wind up there, just a wonderful place where the eagles can live and learn.

Magic Eagle camp

Magic Eagles camp

Marker 1: Kurao's nest, cliff ledge

Marker 2: Hatchery, cluster of eggs inside a cave

Marker 3: Nest for the Rookians-in-Training, beneath overhang

Marker 4: Rookians' Nest, cave to the far left

Marker 5: Healerwing's and Smith's Nest, cave near Kurao's ledge

These peaceful eagles will swoop down from high above and corkscrew into unsuspecting animals sitting on crannies in the mountains. It doesn't matter where it is, they will take whatever prey that they can get.



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