Outcasts are birds of prey from any rook that have been cast out or have chosen to break ways with the rook and be a loner. Most Outcasts live alone, but some live in bands or groups.

They all have the same powers as their species, but if they are young and are born into the Outlands, then they never develop their unique species' abilities.

Territory and Hunting Edit

The Outcasts live in an area of land, known as the Outlands, that is bordered by the Ice Falcons, Electric Harriers, Air Kestrels, and Fire Hawks. Their land is rather blackened, and very foggy. It is hard to find prey here, as the trees are twisted and all life has seemed to shrivel up.

Yet, there is a hidden rock cliff deep within the Outlands where snakes and crows live, that the Outcasts can feast upon. This rocky canyon is where there are dens, carven from stone, where unseen mobs of bandits, assassins, and blacksmiths lay in wait of pay and hire. Poverty is strong here, and because there is very little food, it is a most barren city indeed.

Members Edit