This page does not really define rules. Instead, it provides important terms that you may need to know for roleplay.

Rank TermsEdit

Rank- A classification of power or work order in a society/heirarchy.

Rook- Bird term for a clan, or organization.

Kurao- Bird term for the leader of a rook.

Rookian- Bird term for a warrior, or member of a rook.

Rookian-in-Training- An apprentice, or young bird of prey, that is learning how to fight, hunt, and protect the rook.

Healerwing- A medicinal or healing bird that nurses the sick and wounded of a rook to health.

Smith- A shortened term for blacksmith. These birds make the weapons, battle claws, helmets, and armor for their rook.

Bird SpeakEdit

Frilletwürrm- A term of affection. Pronounced: FRIHL-ay-woorm

Kerekyt- A mild insult. Pronounced: KAIR-uh-kit

Kütkyt- A severe insult. Pronounced: KOOT-kit

Saghoutah- An exclamation. Pronounced: Saj-OO-tah

Ghrenzh- The place birds go when they die. Pronounced: GRENZ

Renzhin- The spirits of dead birds. Pronounced: Ren-ZIN

Derem- Freshly hunted meat. Pronounced- DAIR-ehm

Crachrem- Gross, disgusting, foul meat, often discarded and unwanted, long-dead. Pronounced- CROCK-rehm

Segh- Fly, to fly; soar Pronounced- SEHJ

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