Birds of Prey: Elemental Flight Wiki

Water Osprey are an elemental bird-of-prey rook that that exists in Aurencara.

Description and Powers[]

Water Osprey are osprey that typically have whitish feathers and deep brown markings. Water Osprey have water powers that allow them to use this element. They can breathe underwater and swim, as well as have underwater vision and can shoot jets of water from their talons, beaks and wings. Any misuse of this power to make a Mary Sue bird will result in a ban or demote.

Water Osprey are heavy fliers due to their waterproofed wings but can maneuver well, sometimes fly quite fast, and can fly long distances. Their elemental attribute is endurance.

Territory and Hunting[]

Water Osprey live on islands with decayed birch trees, oak trees, and small shrubs. Their islands are surrounded by vast expanses of water for them to hunt and fish from, and for them to swim in. The air smells like fish and sea salt. Their camp is the larger island in the center of their territory with huge trees.

Water Osprey camp

Marker 1: Kurao's nest (largest oak tree)

Marker 2: Hatchery (opening in tree roots)

Marker 3: Nest for the Rookians-in-training, oak sapling

Marker 4: Rookians' nest, large becaying birch

Marker 5: Healerwing's and Smith's nest, small bush

Water Osprey will usually hunt in the sea, snatching fish and sea creatures out of the water.



Fishtalon, FourFlames

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