Wiki Rules Edit

In order to keep our wiki safe, happy, and neat, please follow these rules, written by the founder and admins. Editing this page without authority, reason, or good intentions will result in a ban. You have been warned.

Pages and Badges Edit

  • No posting random junk or spam on the home page.
  • Do not badge farm all over pages. Badge farming is when you just post random pictures and categories on a certain place so you can earn badges and get a high wiki rank.
  • There will be no created rooks. You must choose and follow one of the given rooks, because they are 'canon' to the website and therefore the originals. If you make your own rook, there will be consequences. This rule stands so that there are not too many rooks and a small amount of Rookians. Every once in a while, however, there may be a wiki-wide Rook Contest to create a new one.
  • You cannot use another person's bird or writing without their permission.

Roleplay Edit

All roleplay rule ideas, redirected from the Wings of Fire Experimental Wiki, also apply as rules here. Go to the link below to see the rules.

Society and Promotions Edit

  • The top eight highest-ranked wikians get to have a Kurao for one of the tribes (they get to choose any that are open that they want).
  • When a Kurao 'dies' or 'retires,' the second in command (owned by any high ranks under eight, such as nine or ten) that is waiting for a turn to lead in that tribe (and can only wait for a turn in one tribe) takes their place.
  • If one of the top eight highest-ranked wikians do not want a Kurao, it will go to another high-ranking user. For example, if the wikian with rank 8 didn't want a Kurao, then the user in rank 9 would get to have the Kurao instead.
  • Even if someone's rank lowers or becomes higher, the users with Kuraos still get to keep them until they wish to give them up.
  • Unlike Warriors, we will not have nine lives for Kuraos and will not travel somewhere to receive them.
  • Just because you are a Kurao or a high rank of a rook does not mean that you get a free place such as bureaucrat, chatmod, admin, etc. You must be nominated by your fellow peers, and they will hold a poll and keep taking in votes for two weeks. The results will decide whether or not you get the place you wanted.
  • To get an adminship or bureaucracy in taking care of the wiki, you must have been part of it for at least six months or have had experience running a wiki elsewhere.

Credits Edit

Images Edit

Credit goes to for our wiki background.

Credit goes to the owners of the images on our wiki badges.

Inspiration Edit

Credit to the Warriors book series, by Erin Hunter, for inspiring our website.

Credit to the Guardians of Ga'Hoole book series, by Kathryn Lasky, for inspiring our website.

Credit to the Wings of Fire book series, by Tui T. Sutherland, for inspiring our website.

Confession Edit

There are no true canon TV shows, books, video games, movies or any media whatsoever involving the world of Aurencara, or magical birds of prey that live in clans. This wiki is and has been brought into existence for people who indulge in the combined topics of birds of prey, magic, and brotherhood/clanship. All rights go merely to the inspiration of this lovely site.

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